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P&C minutes

Minutes of Gresford Public School P & C Meeting Friday 16 September 2011

Meeting opened at:  9.52 am

Present:  John O'Brien, Sally Hunt, Sharon Lawrence, Sylvia Lawrence, Misha Bevan, Megan Edwards, Sharon Hill, Ange Kellehear, Jennifer Stewart, Leanne Atkins

Apologies: Sharon Hipwell, Jen Hipwell, Nancy Dent, Scott Everett.

Minutes of previous meeting accepted: moved Sylvia Lawrence, seconded Misha


  • Project Splash (plan to build covered pool at Gresford, with possible YMCA involvement) – Ange to talk to Julie Hartigan and find out what support they'd like from us. Great enthusiasm was expressed though some concern about feasibility.
  • school bag brochure from Harlequin. Ange to investigate possibility of a sturdy Gresford School Bag in green with logo, as optional extra for uniform.
  • Note re shadecloth needing to be replaced in 18mth-2 years. John to follow up with front office.

Treasurer's report attached: Accepted Sharon Lawrence, Seconded Misha Bevan.

Business Arising:

  • Shade cloth has been paid for, $2224.20. May need to replace on other playground see above.
  • Air conditioning – news from Pauline that the BER has found money to put air-conditioning in the library, which might mean taking the one we paid for out and putting it in the classrooms. More information from Pauline at the next meeting. Suggestion that Pauline keep trying to get the money reallocated.
  • Kindie orientation on Wednesdays 9. 16& 23 November for P&C tea/coffee/talk/fashion parade. Ange happy to take this on.
  • John still to follow up school video going on website.
  • School uniform: Misha has taken over from Janette Copus. John to write Janette a thank-you letter. Misha will need to source fabric and new patterns (which P&C will pay for, at approximately $150). She has also developed an embroidery file to produce lighter versions of the school crest suitable for shirts and jackets. Sub-committee dealing with revising the process, ordering new patterns, developing a uniform policy (important for tax purposes too) sourcing fabric etc. Sylvia, Ange, Sharon L, Sharon Hill, Misha, Ailsa to meet in library next Wednesday 21 September at 3pm.
  • John will continue as secretary for the rest of the year but Nancy is interested in greater involvement if possible next year.
  • Fundraising – Grrresford Sprrring Racing Night. Leanne to get recommended program and confer with John so we know how to divvy up the evening's entertainment. Sally has organised menu and sourced fruit, veg and prawns through Reggie's friend, also meat, ham, olives. She will email menu to everyone. Quote for Melamine plates is $250 – Sharon L will look into GAPS crockery and see if we can manage with that.  Need to source another bookie for the night (need 1 per 30 approx). John to send ad text to everyone for comment and approval. Donna is doing the design to go in this month's Gresford News. John to do a note suggesting kids ask for more raffle booklets for the holidays. Bowlo has agreed to us using their facilities for food prep. Heather Williams can do floral displays for $10 each, which we can on-sell on the night. Fundraiser meeting after next month's P&C/Canteen meeting – on 14 Oct.

Principal's report attached:

New Business:

  • BER has the money for the covered walkway we originally requested now.
  • Mathletics price has risen to $1500, and Heritage Motors has agreed to raise their donation to $500. We will match this with the remaining amount coming from Drought Relief Fund. Motion: that Gresford P&C provide $500 towards the cost of Mathletics for 2012. Moved Sylvia, seconded Sharon Hill. Carried.
  • insurance information: Sharon Hill to pull out old ad explaining to parents the P&C insurance cover we purchase every year and get it in the school news.
  • front of house at Gresford: John to talk to Pauline about the school's answering machine message, phone responses, difficulty of getting through after 2pm and question about whether sending SMS will work for eg bus changes.
  • some discussion about need for more aide/assistance in K-2, John to follow up.

Meeting ended at 11.18 am.  Next Meeting to be held on Friday 14th October at 9.45 am in the Billiard Room I mean

Conservatory I mean Library.

Minutes of Gresford School P&C Meeting 17 May 2011

Meeting opened: 19:12 after the Wendy Birrell talk.

Present: John O'Brien, Leanne Atkins, Sharon Hill, Misha Bevan, Sylvia Lawrence, Sue Dillon, Pauline Mitchell

Apologies: Scott Everett, Deb Faulk, Jennifer Cowley

Minutes of previous meeting accepted: moved Leanne, seconded Sylvia.

Minutes of the special meeting held on 7 April have not yet been completed.

Correspondence: a reminder that the closing date for Volunteer Grants is 8 June, attached.

Business arising:

·        Speaker Wendy Birrell's talk on pre-teens was well received.

·        New secretary: potentially Nancy Dent, though she's going away until July. John to make contact with her.

·        Shade cloth has been ordered for the play equipment.

·        Cow Pat Lotto raised $700 and v popular. John to send Alex Tickle a letter of thanks.

·        Change of signatories on accounts is waiting for minutes of special meeting from Dana. Welcome to new treasurer Sharon Hill.

Treasurer's report attached: Accepted Sharon, seconded Leanne.

Principal's report attached.

New business:

·        Rhee Tae Kwon Do: Quendin doing a demonstration for parents soon. Sally to approach Suellen Dunlop about whether she might teach in Gresford again, what numbers she'd need, etc.

·        School Assessment and Reporting Policy – attached. Committee to read and endorse by next meeting. Changes: cyclic assessment building test-taking skills and continual data gathering; no more student-led conferences; a move to electronic portfolios

·        Concreting edge of the hardcourt to playground fence: John to discuss with Reggie organising a working bee, in consultation with Cyril, possibly approaching the Maslins or Shane Isaac.

·        Fundraising: Leanne talking about a Race Night (Sprrring RRRacing Carnival): Leanne to approach bowlo to figure out how it might work, available dates etc. Sally interested in being food secretary. John and Ros to work out the proportion of profit from liquor, etc, before deciding to go with bowlo rather than hardcourt.

·        Open air cinema idea: possibly for next year. New family movie can be sourced. Singleton Motorcycles as potential sponsor.

·        Year 6 Farewell, initial discussion. Misha interested in screen-printing/sewing souvenir.

Meeting ended 20:30. Next one Friday 17 June at 9.45 am in the library.

GresfordPublic SchoolP & C Association

General Meeting Minutes – 21st October 2010

Meeting opened 6.10

Members Present: Sharon Hipwell, Jennifer Hipwell, Scott Everett, Dana Hawkins, Ailsa Cant, Sue Dillon, Beth Tickle

Apologies: Virginia Begg, John O'Brien, Ros Iverach

Minutes of Previous meeting: Moved – Sharon Hipwell

                                                 Seconded – Dana Hawkins

Correspondence In: Nil

Business Arising: 

  • Scott to chase up Smith boys to organise cage for air conditioner.
  • Virginia is continuing to chase up the refund of the inspection fee from Dungog Shire Council.
  • Chickens – went to Sandi Skaine's in school hols. Looking into automatic water system to keep water in chicken bowls.

P&C to pay for this Moved - Ailsa Cant

                                  Seconded - Sharon Hipwell

  • Yr 6 Farewell – parents are asking for clarification on who runs and organises this. P&C to contribute money and ensure that the event planning is under way. Sue to approach Marissa Groves in regards to what's happening. Venue needs to be discussed and confirmed.

Treasurers Report:  Nil

Principals Report: See attached.   Moved – Beth Tickle

                                                      Seconded - Dana Hawkins

General Business:

  • Mathletics  - P&C asked to co-contribute to fund this program for next year along witth Heritage Motors.  P&C agreed to this.  Moved Ailsa Cant

                                                                               Seconded  Jennifer Hipwell

  • Murals -After much discussion it was decided that more thoughts and ideas are needed in where to place the murals that were taken down from the classroom that was removed.
  • Presentation on gifted and Talented students to be given at the next meeting by Beth Tickle
  • Discussion on behaviour management and how staff are dealing with this in the best way they can.
  • Cyril to be asked where we are up to with the installation of the water tanks.
  • Mrs Capp questioned Scott in regards to an $80 amount that the P&C owe. This was for last years Yr 6 farewell. Dana to see Ros about payment of this.
  • Next meeting need to finalise details for Bunnings BBQ on 10th Dec, Dana to find out how many sausages have been needed for the day through family experience.
  • Sue did a presentation on understanding the Naplan results.

Next Meeting 18th Nov 6pm

Meeting Closed 7.25pm

Gresford Public School

Canteen Meeting Minutes – 21st October 2010

Meeting opened 7.28pm

Members Present: Sharon Hipwell,  Dana Hawkins, Jennifer Hipwell, Sue Dillon, Beth Tickle, Scott Everett, Ailsa Cant

Apologies:  Ros Iverach, Virginia Begg, John O'Brien

Treasurers Report; Nil

Discussion on reducing canteen days to two next year. Note to go home letting parents know that volunteers are needed.

An ad in the Gresford News for canteen volunteers was suggested, as a way of getting any interested community members involved in our school community and increasing our volunteer base.

Next Meeting 18th Nov

Meeting closed 7.40pm

GresfordPublic SchoolP & C Association

General Meeting Minutes – 17th September 2010

Meeting opened 9.08am

Members Present: Sharon Hipwell, Virginia Begg, Ros Iverach, Pauline Mitchell, Leanne Atkins, Dana Hawkins, Sylvia Lawrence, John O'Brien, Sharon Lawrence, Sandi Skaines, Brett Bailey,

Apologies: Scott Everett, Jennifer Hipwell

Virginia thanked all those involved for all their help with the Cruisin and Create Fundraisers!!

Minutes of Previous meeting: Moved – Leanne Atkins

                                                 Seconded – Ros Iverach

Correspondence In: Nil

Correspondence Out: 

Cruisin Fundraiser thankyou letters to the following:

Steve Mitchell

Sueanne Martin 

Jim Joliffe

Scott Brown

Michael Winchester

Lu McQuilliam

Amorelle Dempster

Ricky Allen

Noel and Virginia Jupp

Various businesses that donated items/vouchers for raffle/auction.

Moved: Sharon Hipwell

Seconded: Sylvia Lawrence

Business Arising: 

  • One air conditioner quote in. Ros to get another to compare prices.
  • Dana rang P&C Association regarding pamphlets on students accident cover to pass onto parents. No pamphlets available. John to inform parents through school newsletter about what cover is about.
  • John to go ahead with article on HCCU grant in Gresford News and school newsletter. John is waiting for installation details to pass on.
  • Virginia is continuing to chase up the refund of the inspection fee from Dungog Shire Council.
  • Continued discussion on change of school shirts and purchase of blazers for school events. All agreed on not going ahead with shirts or blazers.
  • Further discussion on care of chickens, Virginia to discuss with Beth Tickle.

Treasurers Report: See attached.  Moved - Ros Iverach

                                                      Seconded – Leanne Atkins

Meeting Suspended 9.26am

Guest Speaker: David Hartcher talked to the committee about how and why we need to promote our school within the local community.  

Meeting resumed 10.10am

Principals Report: See attached.   Moved - Pauline Mitchell

                                                      Seconded - Dana Hawkins

General Business:

  • Leanne requested the school/P&C help out with a cancer fundraiser in October with the proceeds going to canteen. After discussion it was decided to pass on information regarding fundraiser but to not participate in the fundraising. This was due to the committee having done a huge amount of fundraising this year.
  • Yr 6 farewell. Marissa Groves is the year 5 parent rep to help in the organisation of the year 6 farewell. Sandi Skaines will help any interested students with the dance presentation. Date for farewell is Wed 8th December at 6pm.
  • Next Meeting:  Thursday 21st October at 6pm
  • Meeting Closed 11.05am

Gresford Public School

Canteen Meeting Minutes – 17th September 2010

Meeting opened 11.06am

Members Present: Sharon Hipwell, Virginia Begg, Leanne Atkins, Dana Hawkins, Sylvia Lawrence, Sandi Skaines, John O'Brien,

Apologies: Scott Everett, Jennifer Hipwell, Ros Iverach

Treasurers Report: See attached Moved – Dana Hawkins

                                                     Seconded – Virginia Begg

Jennifer is still struggling to get volunteers to work in canteen and would like to request that parents please consider doing 3 volunteer days a term instead of 2. Also if parents feel that they could cope on their own for the day it would help to spread out the volunteers more. Note to go home from school and interested parents to contact Bernadette

Parents are still unaware about pie warmer not being an oven to cook chicken and meat patties in. Maybe a note needs to be put up in canteen to make parents aware of this.

Meeting Closed 11.10am

Gresford P&C Meeting        18th June 2010

18 June 2010 9.09am

Attendance: Virginia Begg, Ros Farr, Linda Hodges, Leanne Atkins, Sylvia Lawrence, Sharon Hipwell, Jennifer Hipwell, Pauline Mitchell, Sharon Lawrence

Apologies: Scott Everett, Dana Hawkins

Previous minutes: accepted: moved Ros, seconded Alan.


Invite to HCCU Grant announcements. Article for Gresford News & School News re HCCU grant – John O'B to follow up.

Cyril has asked the P&C to buy a ladder so he can reach greater heights. Moved Linda, seconded Leanne.

Principal's report

Education Week Day Tuesday 3 August – may need some parent help for Nude Food Demo. Sharon Lawrence is liaising re dietician speaking on the day.

Treasurer's report:

Attached. Ros to organise signatures to get money from Cattle Club ac for fly screens.

Report moved Ros, seconded Alan Begg.

Business arising:

Dana following up insurance matter – next meeting

Bunnings BBQ – Jennifer following up re insurance.

Tank: Tom Merchant has quoted $700 to install tank, including electrical and parts, Paul Maston to install base price TBA. Alan Begg to follow up. Pauline mentioned that the school has won a certain number of hours electrical time from Scott Brown.

Gresford Rodeo: Dana to report next meeting, which is only two weeks short of the rodeo.

Ros rang Dungog Shire Council re waiving inspection fee – they've received the email, and the council has said not this year, but next year they will probably reduce next year. Sharon Lawrence reports that the money should be refunded, departmental policy. Sharon and Viriginia to follow up.

Create: Workshop Thurs 16 September – price for children $20, lunch an extra $5. Our kids will be subsidised by $10 each, subsidised by the Drought Assistance Funding. Any parents who can't pay, the school will provide financial support if asked.

Jennifer will need 4-5 helpers. Lunch for leaders and helpers will also be provided. Still need a bossy marshal: Pauline to boss.

Cruisin party: Donna Cavanough has organised a logo with cocktail glass. Dana will have sponsor letters out by end June. Amorelle donating her time but charging us for everything else. Band booked. Ailsa & Lu organised dance. Ad for Gresford News: John to organise. Leanne suggested doing a mail-out to every post box - $40 for 300 – talk to Sue Forbes. Scott Brown & Scott Everett looking into the lights.

Scene setters: could have cruise liner decking, deckchairs, quoits etc, 4ft x 30ft, 50ft. Sharon L has sent info to Donna Varley, will also email to Virginia. Palm trees we'll approach Jupps.

Sub-Committee to meet this month.

Meeting interrupted 10.16 for demonstration of maths teaching by Sue Dillon. Resumed at 11.00.

New business

Sharon Lawrence on policy on Gifted & Talented Students: designed to pick up both G&T and underachieving students. Wonders whether stronger and more regular reporting needs to be provided. Pauline spoke about the ways in which the Rich Task program helps to identify aspects of strength and weakness in particular areas; also the three-way conferences provide information to parents. Suggest talking about strengths & weaknesses in the 3-way conferences (Pauline points out that strengths and weaknesses are part of framework for discussion). Pauline will do a presentation on how the school works with Gifted & Talented & underachieving students.

Uniform: Kelly asked about changing school shirts for uniform, because boys in particular get them filthy. Ros to ring school supplier and see price comparison between school shirts and zone shirts. Other shirts are smarter. Talk in more detail at next meeting.

Meeting finished: 11.43. Next meeting Friday August 20th at 9am.

Canteen meeting:

Attendance: Virginia Begg, Leanne Atkins, Sylvia Lawrence, Sharon Hipwell, Jennifer Hipwell, Pauline Mitchell, Sharon Lawrence

Apologies: Scott Everett, Dana Hawkins, Alan Begg, Ros Iverach

Meeting opened: 11.45.

Treasurer's report. See attached. Moved Jennifer, seconded Leanne.

New business: Sports carnival – stick with sausage sizzle, warm Milo, juices, note to go out next week. Jennifer to follow up.

Need an oven and a blender. Jennifer to buy blender and investigate oven prices. Her aim is to be able to make muffins etc, as part of the program to improve healthy eating outcomes.

Meeting closed 11.50. Next meeting to follow P&C meeting in August.

GesfordPublic SchoolP & C Association

General Meeting Minutes – 20th May 2010

Meeting opened 6.20pm

Members Present: Sharon Hipwell, Virginia Begg, John O'Brien, Ros Iverach, Pauline Mitchell, Leanne Atkins, Dana Hawkins, Jennifer Hipwell, Sue Dillon, Beth Tickle

Apologies: Scott Everett

Minutes of Previous meeting: Moved - Ros Iverach

                                                 Seconded – Jennifer Hipwell

Correspondence In:

  • Thankyou from Ken Chandler re Billy Cart Derby.
  • Phone call from Mary Horn on behalf of Cattle club approving the donation of money towards the flyscreens.
  • Approval of grant letter from Holiday Coast Credit Union.
  • Info from The Writing Workshop ( John to follow up on at a later date)

Business Arising: 

  • Billy Cart Derby, Virginia won cow pat lotto and promptly donated prize money back to school to go towards the cost of an excursion for 4/5/6 planned for late Sept/early Oct.
  • Dana found out that price of insurance remains the same regardless of student no. changes and all children remained covered. No confirmation has been received re insurance, Dana to follow up. Also to see if there is any correspondence to pass onto parents to inform them of the cover.
  • Website up and running well with lots of photos, info and last meeting minutes.
  • Bunning's BBQ Date Fri 10th Dec 8am – 4pm. Jennifer to follow up on paperwork needed for this event.
  • Virginia contacted Tom Merchant re installing water tank.
  • Gresford Rodeo Expression of interest for charity recipient due soon. Dana to write and send.

Treasurers Report: See attached.  Moved - Ros Iverach

                                                      Seconded - Jennifer Hipwell

Principals Report: See attached.   Moved - Pauline Mitchell

                                                      Seconded - Dana Hawkins

General Business:

  • Discussion on placing an article in the Gresford News in regards to the Naplan testing and the "My Schools" website. All the negative publicity surrounding it needs to be addressed. John and Virginia to write and submit this into the next edition.
  • Discussion on Create party and workshops. Ticket prices to be left up to sub committee. Some good feedback given on fundraising letter to be sent out.

Next Meeting Friday 18th June at 9am

Meeting Closed 8.25pm

GresfordPublic SchoolP & C Association

General Meeting Minutes – 18th March 2010

Meeting opened 6.05pm

Members present:  Sharon Hipwell, Jennifer Hipwell, Dana Hawkins, Virginia Begg, Sue Dillon, Pauline Mitchell, Ros Iverach, Jo Locke

Apologies: Scott Everett, John O'Brien

Previous Meeting Minutes: Moved - Ros Iverach

                                             Seconded - Jennifer Hipwell

Business Arising:

  • FRRR Grant paperwork all completed, Dana to send thankyou letter.
  • Student Insurance - Dana to organise payment of student accident insurance through P & C Association and arrange to get any pamphlets to inform parents. Also to find out what happens if student no's increase throughout the year. Payment needs to made by 6th April 2010.  Moved – Virginia Begg

                                                                                  Seconded – Dana Hawkins 

  • Billy Cart Derby – Cow Pat Lotto ticket pre purchase information sent home.

Beth Tickle supplying cow and calf for lotto.

Space for lotto confirmed.

Roster for Derby day ticket selling to be organised. Virginia to do. Table, Gazebo and P & C banner also to be organised for the day.

Correspondence: School Global Funding Letter and summary received.

                            Moved - Sharon Hipwell

                            Seconded - Dana Hawkins 

Treasurers Report: See attached. Moved Ros Iverach

                                                     Seconded Jennifer Hipwell

Principals Report: See attached. Moved Pauline Mitchell

                                                    Seconded Ros Iverach

General Business

  • Annual School Evaluation Committee: Virginia Begg and Dana Hawkins offered to be parent representatives for 2010.
  • Sue Dillon did a presentation on the development of the schools new website, P & C to have a page to provide the community with any relevant information such as meeting minutes and committee members
  • Water tanks: discussion on whether to keep new tank, as new tanks have also been installed with the library. Decided to keep as library only has 2 very small tanks attached and the school would benefit from the larger tank being kept. Tank can't be installed until all the work has been completed on the library.
  • Create Sub Committee has been formed.

John O'Brien, Donna Cavanaugh, Donna Varley, Bernadette Jasper and Pauline Mitchell

It has been suggested that we pay for workshop tutors. A discussion followed on whether it was fair to pay for some and not others and if we paid for all how it would eat into our profits. Decision to be made by sub committee.

      Discussion was also had about the venue and a possible change of date for the dinner             

      party. Sub Committee to decide.

  • Bunning's BBQ: Only Fridays available in Aug/Oct/Nov. Virginia to ring and organise a date closer to Christmas. BBQ should make approx $500.
  • Gresford Rodeo fundraiser was discussed. An expressions of interest is usually offered for a charity. If chosen volunteers are required to help the rodeo in some way. Dana to apply for this when the expression of interest is published in the Gresford News.
  • Next Meeting will remain on Thursday night as information session has already been organised.  Thursday 20th May at 6pm. Information session at 5pm. June meeting date will change to Friday morning – Friday 18th June at 9am.

Meeting Closed 8.20pm