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School history

The Gresford area was first settled in the late 1820's and education was carried out in the early years by various parish or denominational schools.

In 1868 an application was made for a Provisional School at Gresford by local residents Rev. Addams, Messrs. Lindeman, Boydell, Park and Townshend.  This application was approved and the first year the school had an enrolment of 19 boys and 16 girls.  John Bush continued as teacher until he became ill in 1880, losing the use of one of his arms.  He then gave up teaching but continued on as a postmaster.

In 1881, the present building was built and opened with Mr William Parker as the teacher.  The building was made of brick and was a single room approximately 40ft x 17ft with a brick porch attached.  The floor was arranged in three tiers and pupils sat at long cedar desks on long forms.  At the same time, a comfortable brick residence was built adjacent to the school building and this, with several structural alterations over the years, is still in use today as the school's administration and office area.  Well worn sandstone steps are a silent testimony to countless footsteps.  The bricks for both buildings were hand made in the local area.

In the early 1900's an extra wooden room was added to the school.  This room measured 20ft x 17ft and cost 193 pounds to build.  Also around this time a piano was purchased and this piano is still in use today.

During the years that followed there were many changes of teaching staff and the enrolments of the school also fluctuated.  In the 1930's the original long brick room was cut into two smaller classrooms.  In the 1960's an office and store room were added and additions were also made to the residence.  The school structures have continued to change and improve over the years with the addition of an undercover area, computer room, demountable buildings coming and going, the residence becoming part of the school buildings and most recently the sealing of a hard court area as a multi purpose sporting facility.

One common thread throughout the history of Gresford School has been the excellent community support and commitment it has enjoyed with this same support and commitment continuing today.

Past Principals

  • John Bush - August, 1868
  • William Parker - 1881
  • Terence Rogers - 17.2.1903
  • Thomas Page - 8.1.1913
  • John Thompson - 28.12.1814
  • John Roberts (relieving) - 26.2.1919
  • T A White - 15.1.1920
  • Melville Levitt - 17.7.1922
  • Garrett Fitzgibbon (relieving) - 9.11.1923
  • Edward W Culbert - 15.3.1924
  • Keith Best (relieving) - 4.9.1928
  • Selby Starr - 8.1.1935
  • Hugh Thompson (relieving) - 17.4.1935
  • Albert Chanter - 30.4.1935
  • Arthur Holmwood (relieving) - 10.11.1939
  • Robert Lord (relieving) - 25.1.1940
  • Edwin Rose - 22.1.1941
  • Clyde Graham - 17.6.1941
  • Charles Clarke - 10.12.1941
  • Ronald Hestalow - 2.2.1954
  • Alexander Tanner - 9.9.1958
  • E Watters (relieving) - 1960
  • Arthur Meany - 31.1.1961
  • Clifford Garske - 28.1.1964
  • Bryan Spencer - 30.1.1968
  • Geoff Madigan - 7.5.1978
  • Graeme Valler - 30.1.1986
  • Phil Dingle
  • Allan Gelder
  • Susan Owens (relieving)
  • Bruce Graham - 26.4.1994
  • John Gallagher (relieving) - 1.7.2001
  • Pauline Mitchell - 20.7.2002