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Gresford school's achievments

The school was the recipient of the coveted Director General's School Achievement Award to recognise the exceptional quality and outstanding achievements of the school in Quality Teaching.

Gresford Public School has maintained a high profile in School Education Area and Regional activities, competitions and exhibitions across key learning areas.   The school participates in public speaking and debating workshops and competitions and  Gresford students have regularly achieved major awards in this area.  Our debating team won the Maitland district debating competition.

Academic achievements have been strong in the areas of English, writing, poetry, mathematics and technology as evidenced by pleasing results in external tests and competitions.

School sporting teams compete enthusiastically in a range of sports.  There is keen participation in zone athletics and cross country with selected students going on to regional representation.   Student involvement in yoga, dance, tennis, bowls, hockey, swimming, cricket, netball and soccer has been strong. The school is involved in the Active After Schools Community program.

The Gresford School Cattle program has received regional recognition and continues to develop students' knowledge in preparing, judging and showing cattle.  Students compete successfully at local agricultural shows and specialised judging and parading events.    

The principal received an Education Week award for  Excellence in School Leadership.  Outstanding service to public education was recognised with the district award being presented to our Administrative Officer for her outstanding service to public education.  The school received a regional award for its Literacy Through Shakespeare program.  The  school received an Education Week award for its highly successful Student Leadership Initiative, Values Program and Music Education Program.

The performance of the School Musical Ensemble has been recognised at local, district and regional levels. 

The achievements of Gresford Public School are a result of effective partnerships between staff, parents and pupils.

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